Fuck Patience

“If you want your fucking rock to move you have to push it yourself.” — Meredith Perry

They say patience is a virtue, and in a lot of ways they’re right. Patience about life, about finding out who you are, and about meeting people you connect with — that’s the only tried and true method for riding the waves. Being present & patient with yourself is essential.

But at the same time don’t be patient about the world. Don’t be patient about things that are broken.

Now is such an amazing time to be alive because people all over the world are encountering obsolete, inefficient and unfair systems and for the first time ever are empowered to change things themselves. From the tech startup boom, to the slow but steady growth of online activism and civic organizing, we’re seeing a righteous impatience take hold, and an accompanying acceleration of the pace of change.

Button mashing on an automated phone answering system in order to get a person is not the future. We should not be patient with our antiquated financial system — whose byzantine model inconveniences all & disproportionately burdens the poor. A healthcare system with spiraling costs, unequal access & suffocating bureaucracy should not be accepted. We should not wait for racial justice. From traffic & drunk driving deaths to predatory lending, we do not have to sit back and let change occur gradually. We can do something about it right now.

People will always say things can’t be done. That there are fundamental, structural forces that keep things working the way they are now. Experts will call a paradigm shift impossible up until the day that it occurs. But progress progresses in spite of this ossification of imagination. The arc of the universe is at play, the forward arrow of evolution is at work.

So fuck patience because change takes time, but not as much time as it used to.

Anyone can start tomorrow.

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