Sharing my tribe: introducing flock for Twitter

Find, follow and create playlists of awesome people on Twitter

Not so long ago I wrote about finding my tribe on Twitter, and how the people I met there changed my life for the better in more ways than I can name.

But the fact remains that new users face a steep learning curve and have trouble finding people to follow, the very people that make Twitter such a magical place for devoted users. Curating a great Twitter feed is a real chore, and most of us power users are always tweaking and refining the people we follow in order to “tune in” to the perfect stream of information. Think about how hard it is for power users to find new accounts to follow, and now magnify that problem by 100x for new users. Pretty overwhelming.

It happens that my buddy Zach recently came to me with an idea for a hack project: user-generated Twitter lists that you could follow in one tap. I instantly loved it. A curated primer for building a good Twitter timeline out of people relevant to you and your interests, leveraging the only way I know of to reliabily find awesome new users to follow: other people. A little bit of help building & tending to your flock on Twitter.

For example, a list could be something like:

  • Brave foreign journalists
  • Standup Comedian Twitter Addicts
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Up-and-coming entrepreneurs

So that’s how our little experiment was born. We hope you like it, and we’d love your feedback on how to make it better.

You can sign into flock with Twitter and start creating, discovering and following lists here.

— @basche42 & @zreitano

*UPDATE 12/22* Looks like our write access to Twitter’s API has been revoked. We’re seeing if we can get this resolved and apologize for the inconvenience.

We believe that user-curated lists, especially as we build features like upvoting & user-submitted suggestions to lists, should be follow-able for users new and old in one simple tap.

We love Twitter. We want people to be able to get to that magic moment sooner and join us in the Twittersphere.

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